Tip 4: Build Trust

Tip 4: Build Trust

Tip 4: Build Trust
Great workplace behaviours you must acquire.

Do you trust your work mates? Do you trust your boss or subordinates? Do you trust yourself? More importantly, are you trusted at the workplace?
The last environment in which you want to be is one that lacks trust for each other. You can bet you will always be sad even before you get to work. With trust for and from your team-mates, you are always excited to be at work, to be with the people who bring out the best in you. But how do you do that?

Give trust
There is no reason to disrespect and doubt the ability of your colleagues. Every person is different, with unique qualities and values. This brings diversity and different view on all issues, which is a healthy thing. Say ‘please’ ‘thank you’ ‘May
I…’ ‘welcome’ and be very generous with kind words.

Be Honest
The moment you tell a lie, cover up a mistake, hide your activities, you give your mates a reason to question your integrity. They begin to see that you cannot be taken serious. They begin to feel that you cannot be trusted. Be quick to let your boss or team-mates know if there is a problem with anything, and talk through it.

Don’t think “I am the wisest’
People often find themselves cutting corners and doing things anyway, and anyhow, with no regard to future ramifications. People do things for self-gratification and self gain at the expense of other work colleagues. Think about others in your actions. Every one deserves a bit of respect and good. If you do things that show no respect for protocol, or no regard to your mates, you soon become selfish in the eyes of your mates. If you feel there are better ways of going about things, bring it up for discussion and show that something can work better, rather than keeping it to yourself and getting the rewards alone. Sharing is caring

Learn to say ‘Sorry’
If you make a mistake or do something that is wrong, step forward and apologize for it to the right people. For example, you somehow damage your storage drive with all your back-ups. Do not be quiet about it and pretend it is not a problem, even if you can fix the problem. Its nice to tell your boss or a colleague about it and let them know that your are working at resolving it. Tell them after you resolve it. When you say ‘Sorry’ for something, be clear what you are saying sorry for. Be specific and stay away from saying sorry on generic terms.

Show your social side
Show off some of your close friends, family or people in your life. Put a photo of a friend or pet or relation on your desk, or in your wallet. Put a drawing of your kid on your wall or desk. You can tell your mate about something nice your mum or wife of brother did. Tell them about how nice your friend was when you needed it most. Show appreciation to other people in your life, away from work. Feel free to share great stories as well as difficult ones, if you can. This way, your team-mates are able to tell if you are not your very best at work, and may be able to fill in for you better. No room for secrets!

It’s always nice to know that your colleagues at work love, trust, respect and value you. But it does not come cheap, you have to earn it.